We have this dream, to be able to go to the beach again, without getting sprayed like bugs from those using toxic aerosols. To swim and surf without getting other people’s chemical sunscreens in our mouth, nose and eyes.

In Hawai’i we’re seeing the impact of sunscreens on our coral reefs. As more and more tourists visit Hawai’i, dumping thousands of gallons on sunscreen into our nearshore waters, the situation is becoming ciritcal. (Yes, many things impact corals. Yes, sunscreen is one of them we can control now).

There are now adequate studies showing a direct correlation between coral mortality and sunscreen ingredients, particularly oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate… as well a number of active and inactive ingredients (hormone disruptors, toxins, allergens, fragrances, additives) that are of concern.

Our goal is to keep people informed about legislation. Check our legislation page and our facebook page for regular updates!

Whether bans get passed on one ingredient or another, we hope to utilize the momentum and any media attention to educate consumers to make better choices and offer them info on safer alternatives. We won’t need police regulating; most people want to do the right thing and a little self-regulation will go a long way.

We hope to encourage companies to create sunscreen formulas that do not have such a negative impact on corals, sea life, and people – as well encourage buyers to carry reef-friendly, eco-friendly products in their shops.

We will provide resources for those interested in helping the movement, whether it’s introducing legislation in your area, posting up signage, passing out informational material….

Spread the word and support – check our fundly campaign! If you’d like to join our efforts, let us know!

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