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[4-2-18 - current] URGENT: FINAL HearinG Oxybenzone SB2571

?FINAL HEARING FOR OXYBENZONE BILL ANNOUNCED!!! Finance Chair Sylvia Luke, true to her word, set a hearing for “Oxybenzone Bill” SB2571 on April 4th 2:30pm. This is the FINAL opportunity to testify on this bill. Attend WEDNESDAY at the Hawaii State Capitol or submit yours by TUESDAY APRIL 3rd 2:30PM. (You do not need to be a Hawaii resident to testify).


SAMPLE TESTIMONY [make it your own]: Aloha, I kindly request you pass SB2571. There are numerous reasons to ban oxybenzone and octinoxate in Hawaii including toxic effects to people, marine life, and specifically corals. Regardless of how corals may be stressed, if oxybenzone and octinoxate are in the water restoration can not happen. These are two of the most inefficient active sunscreen ingredients and give people a false sense of broad spectrum protection, which may explain an increase in skin cancers. There are much more safe, efficient options presently available in Hawai’i. Mahalo.

NOTE: There are still issues with this version of the bill, including county restrictions and effective date. Comment on these in your testimony if you would like. If it makes it through FIN, it heads to Conference where House and Senate can squabble over details.


Though creating an account at https://www.capitol.hawaii.gov and logging in is easy [click here for directions], if you have any probs or want to submit via email send to: FINtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov
Make sure to include this info in your email
SUBJECT: Testimony SB2571 SD2 HD1
CONTENT (copy and paste top of your email):
Testimony in SUPPORT of SB2571 SD2 HD1
Finance Committee; Rep Sylvia Luke, Chair; Rep Ty J.K. Cullen, Vice Chair
Wednesday April 4, 2018; 2:30 PM; Conference Room 308


URGENT: Request HearinG for SB2571

? URGENT! Please request FINANCE CHAIR SYLVIA LUKE hear the only remaining “Oxybenzone Bill” SB2571 SD2 HD1.

As we get closer to getting something to conference it seems opposing forces are taking note at the Capitol. It’s critical we rally asap to push this bill towards its final hearing.

Please email Honorable Chair Sylvia Luke at repluke@Capitol.hawaii.gov (cc: FIN@Capitol.hawaii.gov) and kindly request a hearing for SB2571 SD2 HD1. If can include science, personal statements, why you think this is important.

Rep Sylvia Luke represents 25th House District. If you live Makiki, Punchbowl, Nuuanu, Dowsett Highlands, Pacific Heights, Pauoa… please make sure to let her know you’re from her district! Please share loud and wide!!!

ACTION NEEDED: Testimony for hcr114

NEW OXYBENZONE EDUCATION RESOLUTION HCR114: “Requesting the Hawaii Tourism Authority to establish a campaign to educate visitors to the state about the harmful effects of oxybenzone sunscreen on coral reefs and to encourage visitors to the state to refrain from using oxybenozne sunscreens.”

It looks like HCR114 is meant to complement the amended House version of the “Oxybenzone Bill” SB2571. This is being heard by the Committee on Energy & Environmental Protection and Committee on Tourism next Tuesday! Try to get testimony in by Monday 8:55am

DATE: Tuesday, March 20, 2018
TIME: 8:55 a.m.
PLACE: State Capitol, Conference Room 325

ONLINE TESTIMONY (takes two minutes!):
1) SIGN IN: capitol.hawaii.gov
4) GO TO PAGE: bit.ly/2FNJMnk
5) CLICK “SUBMIT TESTIMONY” BUTTON follow instructions

SAMPLE TESTIMONY – insert the last part if like ?? :
We support HCR114 that requests Hawaii Tourism Authority establish a campaign to educate tourists about the harmful effects of toxic sunscreen chemicals like Oxybenzone. We agree there are better sunscreen options utilizing non-nano minerals. This education will be more effective if accompanied by a state-wide ban. Hawaii will be more sustainable as a tourism destination if we protect our natural resources. We suggest Hawaii Tourism Authority consult with activist groups like Ban Toxic Sunscreens who have been working for years in Hawaii to educate locals and tourists about the negative impacts of these chemicals and help them make better choices. Mahalo.

Update: oxybenzone bill sb2571 sd2. the good, the bad, the ugly

EEP Committee PASSES SB2571 w/ amendments. The basics (and we’ll update once the amended bill is posted on capitol.hawaii.gov):

?? Effective date July 2021

?? County preemptions until July 2021 (no county can enact their own bans)

?? Added language authorizing counties to ban sale in Marine Life Conservation Districts now & step up outreach on sunscreen education

We’re stoked the bill is still alive. That said, a few things to ponder:

• Between 2015-17 Oxybenzone & Octinoxate increased in waters tested by 2-3.5 times – depending on location. What will levels look like by 2021?! What will the corals look like? We already lost a huge portion of corals since 2011. Why the delay? Current levels are already very problematic. How much more will be bioaccumulating in fish? What will the cumulative health effect be, with three more years inhaling, eating, drinking, swimming in these chemicals?

• It takes less than two years to reformulate sunscreens. Sunscreen companies have known about this issue for years. And there are over 3500 sunscreens without Oxybenzone & Octinoxate – is that not enough options to offer people in Hawaii? Do we need three years?

• Regarding the Marine Life Conservation Districts… What are the complications enacting a “partial ban”? What is the point of banning just sales? In reality is Hanauma the only MLCD selling sunscreen? If so, they already stopped selling chemical sunscreens in 2017. So the bigger issue is people using / bringing in their own sunscreens. Are we going to ask them to stop?

• While we’re all about education, pretending it’s adequate is foolish. Ahihi-Kīna’u is a great example, where they work overtime to educate, but tourists have already purchased their sunscreen, they’re already applying. Increases in tourism means levels keep going up, with more bleaching events. • Who will be in charge of this education? DLNR? Haven’t they been educating since last summer? Do they have enough on their plate? Will Finance Committee approve associated expenses?

• We understand there may be compromises, & we want something to move through, but are hoping the effective date and county preemptions can be readdressed in FIN & Conference.

We appreciate everyone’s hard work. SB2571 now awaits a hearing to scheduled by FIN Chair Luke. Anything can happen. We’ll keep you posted. And we’ll post the link to the new bill when it’s up on the capitol page. Stay tuned.

⚖️ARCHIVE: 2017 LegislativE Efforts [below]



Monday October 16th 1:30pm Council Chambers Maui

TESTIFY in support of bills phasing out the sale of sunscreens containing oxybenzone & octinoxate, both toxic to corals and marine life. If you can’t attend, please EMAIL short testimony in support to: iem.committee@mauicounty.us

SAMPLE TESTIMONY: Scientific studies indicate oxybenzone and octinoxate harm corals, which are threatened by multiple stressors. Corals protect our shoreline and are critical to our economy, recreation and fisheries. We need to ban the sale of personal care products containing these chemicals! Please pass this bill!

The IEM Committee will be discussing two bills:
1) Phase out sale: http://bit.ly/2ynsxrI
2) Phase out sale and use: http://bit.ly/2yniYJi

If this passes out of committee successfully and is voted on by full council, Maui will be the first county in the state to phase out the sale of these chemicals!

Stay up to date, follow us on Facebook and sign up here.

4/29/2017 FINAL UPDATE:


Read the final word here.


4/27/2017 PM UPDATE:

4:30 pm update: Rep Lee is still working on an acceptable draft of the bill. There are still ISSUES on the House side. Committee reconvening tomorrow 3:30.

Tonight if can, please email all conferees (below). Tell them to vote yes on SB1150 SD2 HD3 CD1. We do not need more studies; the science already exists. We need to restrict use, ban sales, & educate. The world is watching to see if Hawaii is going to pass a bill to protect corals, marine life, people, local businesses from the negative effects of toxic chemical sunscreen ingredients particularly oxybenzone. Mahalo for doing the right thing.

Subject: Please Pass SB1150 to Restrict / Ban Oxybenzone

senrhoads@capitol.hawaii.gov, karl@karlrhoads.org, replee@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reping@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reptakumi@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repdecoite@capitol.hawaii.gov, reptupola@capitol.hawaii.gov, senthielen@capitol.hawaii.gov, sengabbard@capitol.hawaii.gov

Rep Lee is still working on an acceptable version. There are still ISSUES on the House side. Committee reconvening tomorrow 3:30. Please like & share. Will update as it happens.

Will update as it happens.



Final conference committee today. Senator Rhoads submitted his draft version of SB1150 “The Oxybenzone Bill”. Basically it maintains the o.g. SB1150 and adds back some of what passed in House committees. Here are the basics:

  • Oxybenzone, sunscreen, cosmetics. No person shall use or apply while on beach or in the ocean.
  • Concessions; oxybenzone; sunscreen, cosmetics restrictions. Counties that issue commercial scuba or snorkeling permits or control public access to beaches and marine areas shall prohibit commercial sales of sunscreen containing oxybenzone or other chemicals deemed harmful to coral reefs by DLNR by scuba and snorkeling permittees and in concessions that serve beaches and marine areas.
  • DLNR will require all commercial use permittees operating in marine to inform all their customers that the use of sunscreen or cosmetics containing oxybenzone or other chemicals deemed harmful to coral reefs by the department are prohibited while on the beach or in the ocean. 
  • “Oxybenzone” includes benzophenone-3 and 2-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl phenylmethanone or other chemicals deemed harmful to coral reefs by DLNR
  • Takes effect January 1, 2018

We should note, that DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources had us rewrite the bill to pass through the House with those added changes relating to DLNR, and then still decided to send in testimony against the bill stating they couldn’t enforce it. We can only assume they are at the capitol now…. Hope the committee does the right thing.

Read the Entire New Draft in PDF form feel free to download. Committee will vote on this today 4/27/17 at 3:30. If it passes this committee it will go to floor next Tuesday – the absolute final day.

Note: This post will be updated as news comes in….


ASAP “Oxybenzone Bill” heading for Conference. Please contact Senators & Reps. Sample email to help you get inspired:

UPDATE Aloha all. The Conference Committee for Hawaii’s “Oxybenzone Bill” has been chosen. FINAL moment to contact the legislators about this (let’s not let this be turned into another “study bill”! Below is a sample email + the email addresses to send it to. Easy peasy. Please go to our facebook post as well to like & share with concerned friends!

Dear Conference Committee members: An outright ban of sale and restriction of use in Hawai’i of toxic chemical sunscreens particularly oxybenzone is overdue. We hope this will be considered. At minimum please pass the proposed SB1150 SD2 HD3 CD1 Draft to protect Hawaii’s reefs and marine life from the dangers of chemical sunscreen pollution, particularly oxybenzone:

1) Follows the Senate-passed SD2 in banning any person from using non-prescription sunscreen, sunblock, and cosmetic containing oxybenzone on beaches and in the ocean in Hawaii.

2) Requires counties to prohibit their concesssionaires and permittees from selling sunscreens containing oxybenzone after 12/31/17.

3) Requires licensees operating at beaches, in MLCDs and nature preserves to tell customers that use of sunscreens containing oxybenzone is prohibited.

4) Authorizes DLNR to propose rules as needed to protect corals in other locations.

Mahalo! ???????

Email to: senrhoads@capitol.hawaii.gov, karl@karlrhoads.org, replee@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reping@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reptakumi@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repdecoite@capitol.hawaii.gov, reptupola@capitol.hawaii.gov, senthielen@capitol.hawaii.gov, sengabbard@capitol.hawaii.gov

NOTE: Whether you live in Hawaii or just love Hawaii, please send in your thoughts to the legislators. If you live in the district for Chair Senator Rhoads, Chair Rep Lee, Rep Ing,  Rep Takumi, Rep DeCoite, Rep Tupola, Senator Gabbard, Senator Thielen, please make sure to include the area you live so they know that you reside in their districts.

4/11/2017 – THIS IS CURRENT

ASAP Hawaii Bills Effecting Coral Reefs Heading for Conference.

Coral reefs around the world may die in our lifetime because they are being severely stressed by many factors, including: climate changes; toxic chemical sunscreens; polluted runoff and sewage; unsustainable taking of reef fish for the aquarium trade. In Hawai’i we must act NOW on multiple fronts to save the precious and productive coral reef ecosystems.  Coral reefs are “the rainforests of the sea,” nurseries for 25% of marine life and critical for Hawaii’s recreational economy!
Please write to Hawaii legislators at reps@capitol.hawaii.gov & sens@capitol.hawaii.gov  – ask them to pass the following six bills to help save the reefs:
SB1150 SD2 HD1 proposed CD1 draft limiting use of toxic oxybenzone sunscreens;
HB1578 and SB559 – to fund and strengthen Hawaii Climate Change initiatives;
SB1240 – to define “sustainable” reef fishing and limit licenses that allow
taking of reef fish for the aquarium trade; HB1244 and HB605 – to help Hawaii homeowners upgrade some of our cesspools, which pollute drinking water, the ocean and our reefs with 55 million gallons of raw sewage every day!  Your children and future generations will thank you if you pass these bills or wonder why you didn’t. Mahalo!

Hawaii Oxybenzone hearing set asap CPC.jpeg


 Final Committee Hearing for SB1150 SD2 HD2 scheduled for CPC on Thursday 3-30-17 2PM House conference room 329. THIS IS THE ONLY VIABLE HAWAII OXYBENZONE BILL REMAINING! Testimonies must be in by THIS WEDNESDAY 2PM! ?

1) Create account at capitol.hawaii.gov
2) Log In
3) Search for measure: SB1150. (http://bit.ly/2mNWRra)
4) Click “Submit Testimony” Button
5) As backup / if you have problems / or like send in more than one attachment, email direct to: CPCtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov Make certain to include: “To: Rep Roy Takumi, Chair, CPC. Testimony in SUPPORT SB1150, SD2, HD2; Hearing Date 3-30-17; Conference Room 329; 2PM”

Sample Testimony to build off of, personalize, and make your own:

Please help protect our precious coral reefs by passing this bill [and consider opening it up for a larger state-wide ban]. Hawaii’s recreational economy and valuable shoreline depend on the survival of coral reefs.  Scientific studies show that reefs are now stressed by many factors, oxybenzone is one of the stressors we can eliminate today. A very small amount of oxybenzone can kill corals and prevent restoration. There are ample alternative reef-safe sunscreens that do not contain oxybenzone and do protect your skin from UV rays. Reefs will die if we don’t act to save them! Mahalo!

 IF CAN COME to the Capitol building Honolulu to give ORAL testimony, click the box stating you will be testifying in person.

BRING YOUR TOXIC CHEMICAL SUNSCREENS to trade in for chemical free alternatives! Natural reef friendly brands, we invite you all to be there to participate in an exchange + get your voices heard! They can’t say there are no options when they see MANY in front of their eyes!!! (Note: Come early, parking sucks, park elsewhere & walk; bring quarters).

Cosmetic & chem industry lobbyists see all the attention this is getting & word is have doubled down. Let’s not take our eyes off the ball. MANY in our House & Senate DO SUPPORT a ban / restrictions of oxybenzone & toxic chemical sunscreens in Hawaii!

Environmental groups & all who care, we invite you to share this with your mailing list. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates. We hope to Facebook Live the hearing. Mahalo


Contact Consumer Protection Commerce (CPC) Chair Roy Takumi

Please hear & support SB1150, SD2, HD1 re: Oxybenzone & Coral Reefs”

808-586-6170 • fax 808-586-6170  reptakumi@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Action Image Hearing CDC Oxybenzone Hawaii 5.2.png

OXYBENZONE ACTION SHEET – TESTIMONY TO OMH COMMITTEE. Click here to access the new action sheet. Hurry testimonies due 3/20 10AM. Hearing at Capitol Building 3/21 10am.  If you have any problems submitting via the capitol website or are late submitting, you can also email testimony* direct to the OMH Committee: OMHtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov  Mahalo!


*SAMPLE TESTIMONY (note this includes a slight correction. And please embellish with your personal thoughts, studies, etc): I urge OMH to pass SB1150 SD2 / HD1 to restrict oxybenzone sunscreen use in Marine Life Conservation Districts and sales of oxybenzone sunscreens at concessions serving Hanauma Bay and other MLCDs. There are enough studies showing the negative impact these toxic chemical sunscreens containing hormone-disruptors like oxybenzone are having on our reefs; we need to protect them now. Our reefs not only support life in Hawaii but equate to $360 million directly to the state’s economy (even more indirectly). There are better ways to protect from UV rays without putting our reefs and health at risk.

OXYBENZONE ACTION SHEET – TESTIMONY TO EEP COMMITTEE Click here to access hyperlink page for easy instructions and sample testimony (due 3/15; hearing 3/16):

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 6.30.40 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 2.57.24 PM.png

HAWAII REEF ACTION SHEET –  [CURRENT ACTION SHEET 3/10/17] Compilation of the still viable Hawai’i bills that relate with Hawai’i reef health. All need a hearing set. CLICK HERE to open our easy to follow PDF; check out the bills (all are linked) and email your support in seconds!

BAN TOXIC SUNSCREENS HOUSE COMMITTEE EMAILS [CURRENT ACTION Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 6.44.27 PM.pngSHEET 3/10/17] – SB1150 has moved to the House.  Please email House chairs & co-chairs of EEP and OMH committees to set a hearing for SB1150 SD2, banning oxybenzone at beach or in ocean. CLICK HERE to open our PDF ACTION SHEET – with a sample letter & link to emails. This is the only Oxybenzone Bill still viable during this legislative session and will only survive with public support (yes, it’s also the weakest of those introduced, but can be amended.)BAN TOXIC SUNSCREENS OXY EEP best

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.13.24 PM.pngBAN TOXIC SUNSCREENS SENATOR EMAILS – [Completed] Email all Senators at once about SB1150 SD2. It will be voted on 3/7! This is the only Oxybenzone Bill still viable during this legislative session.

 – [Completed] What steps can I take? Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 2.45.57 PM.pngBills have been introduced to protect Hawai’i Reefs; four are still viable and three specifically refer to oxybenzone. Oxybenzone has been proven in studies to increase coral bleaching events, damage DNA, and deform juvenile corals rendering them unable to form new colonies. These “oxybenzone bills” need public support to move forward.

– – – – –


virgin-islands-legislative-banSAMPLE LETTER TO SENATORS / Representatives – Virgin Islands: “Support a Legislative Ban on Manufacture or Delivery of Products Containing Sunscreen Chemicals Oxybenzone and Octinoxate for Introduction into U.S. Virgin Island’s Commerce”

screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-10-38-52-amU.S. DRAFT LEGISLATION. POLLUTION FREE CHEMICAL SUNSCREEN WATERS ACT / To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. To prohibit the manufacture and introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce of ultraviolent-light sunscreen-protection personal-care products containing intentionally-added or unintentionally-added chemicals of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.

draft-legislation-bill-oxybenzone-hawaii-octinoxate-senator-esperoDRAFT LEGISLATION FOR HAWAII:
State of Hawaii Code, Pertaining to a Ban on Personal-Care Products and Sunscreen Protection Containing the Chemicals Oxybenzone and Octinoxate.