Oxybenzone IN HAWAII

Oxybenzone Science Points for Hawaii – toxicity effects for people, corals, marine life – data collected by Haereticus Laboratories and Napili Bay and Beach Foundation

NOAA's Cheryl Woodley, PHD

World renouned coral researcher with NOAA, Coral Health & Disease Program and Coral Disease & Health Consortium testimony on dangers of Oxybenzone on corals.

UV-Filters in commercial seafood

Benzophenones, namely BP3 and BP1, were also frequently detected in seafood samples analysed…

OXYBENZONE Human health impacts

Collection of published studies and links. If someone says “but there aren’t enough studies” forward this link to them.

Impact of sunscreens on sea urchins

Marine ecosystems are increasingly threatened by the release of personal care products. Sunscreens are causing concern… for potential impacts on marine life…

Dermatological toxicological impact BP-3

Dermatological and environmental toxicological impact of the sunscreen ingredient oxybenzone/benzophenone-3

Oxybenzone & Hirschsprung's DiseasE

Examination of the association between maternal BP-3 (oxybenzone) exposure and the offspring’s HSCR risks.

UV Filters in Bird Eggs

Oxybenzone contamination in wild birds > bird eggs in a preserved area. We need further risk assessment regarding wildlife to help interpret the implications of observed trends in UV-Fs bioaccumulation

Consumption of FIsh

Oxybenzone (benzophenone-3) is 62% higher in those who consume fish 5X per month…