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ACTION ALERT: Spend a few minutes and call the offices of Conference Committee Chairs for SB1150 “The Oxybenzone Bill”:

Rep Chris Lee 808-586-9450 (chair)
Senator Karl Rhoads 808-586-6130 (chair)
Senator Laura Thielen 808-587-8388 (co-chair)
Rep Andria Tupola 808-586-8465 (co-chair)
Rep Roy Takumi 808-586-6170
Rep Lynn DeCoite 808-586-6790
Rep Kaniela Ing 808-586-8525
Senator Mike Gabbard 808-586-6830

Nicely express your concerns. Ask that they put forth and pass an oxybenzone bill that addresses restriction of use at beaches in/around the ocean; focuses on a massive campaign to educate the public/tourists; and ultimately ban sales of toxic chemical sunscreens. Last chance to get your voice heard – they go to conference MONDAY. (See previous posts) Like & share to all your peeps. Mahalo. #hawaii #maui #kauai #oahu #bigisland #molokai #lanai #oxybenzone#sunscreen #bantoxicsunscreens