HUGE FULL COLOR PSA in this week’s Washington Post about Sunscreen Pollution in Hawai’i (signers on this effort include a long and growing list of NGOs, Scientists, Cosmetic Companies, Hawaii Businesses. Eyeballs from Washington DC to Caribbean to Israel and all over the world are looking at HAWAII. Watching what the legislators are going to do to protect Hawaii coral reefs (+ fish, marine life, people…). Many with a deep desire to be the first to initiate a full fledged ban of oxybenzone and other toxic sunscreen chemicals. If we can raise more funds this will also appear in Mother Jones and hopefully Hawaii local papers and magazines! Want your biz or NGO to join the campaign? Let us know! (Mahalo Sarah Lee for the amazing photo)

Sunscreen Pollution PSA 4.20.2017 bantoxicsunscreens