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Hawaii Sunscreen

Reefs at Risk: Maui Film Fest and Beach Party

Come talk story with the cast and crew of “REEFS AT RISK” on Maui! Ban Toxic Sunscreens will be there too! Bring your conventional reef killing sunscreen to swap for some eco-friendly kine. When: Sunday Read more…

Hawaii Sunscreen

Make the Commitment!: Educate One Person A Week About the Dangers of Toxic Chemical Sunscreens

Make the commitment!: Educate one person a week about the dangers toxic chemical sunscreens have on the health of people, marine life, freshwater & ocean foods, corals. Tell them to beware of “reef safe” claims; Read more…

Reef Safe Sunscreen


THE “OXYBENZONE BILL” IS DEAD. One thing Hawaii legislators succeeded in doing this session, kill all sunscreen bills (we’ll see who gets the beach house). Let the negative press begin. *sigh* On a positive, let’s not wait for politicians – Read more…